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Imagine a world in which methane from cows no longer warms our climate. Cooler-Earth Dairy and Beef is coming. 

About Us

The Problem


One very natural but dangerous consequence of livestock production is the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Scientifically-proven practices that significantly mitigate methane from cow burps don't yet exist.

The Solution


Elm Innovations is catalyzing innovators in the U.S. dairy industry and climate-concerned foundations around the use of a specific seaweed additive to cattle diets. Research shows that adding this seaweed nearly wipes out those cows' methane emissions. (None of this is possible without the pioneering work of Meat and Livestock Australia, CSIRO and JCU.)

The Approach


Elm Innovations listens carefully in deep conversations with the livestock industry, scientists, government, and the retail and foodservice sectors. These perspectives inform our research in climate, agriculture and the oceans as well as our work with the University of California - Davis and seaweed growers worldwide.

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